Los Angeles Dodgers – NLDS

So Ethier is out of the line-up. I have to agree with that move, he didn’t do much yesterday, his timing is off, and can’t put blame on him.

Yes Mattingly made a huge gamble last night, but it was not that bad of a trade off. Mike Young has been a great hitter his entire career in the big leagues, and he just could not come through last night with the two opportunities he had.

Two big key missed opportunites last night both came from the #4 hitters.
-The first inning Gonzo struck out with a runner on third and one out. (All you need to do is put the ball in play.)
-Young came up with a runner on third and could not hit the ball far enough to score Ellis. Again with one out.

In those type of situations you need to score at least one of those times especially in the post season. The #4 hitter did not come through plain and simple.

Gonzo and Young each have play-off experience and are veteran players.

Today is a must win. Let’s see if the Dodgers can hit for Kershaw.

AJ Ellis and Puig must start driving the ball like they can.


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