Directing Focus

Well April passed and already my goal of posting one self-help posting a month is broken. I wake up with the best intentions, but as the day goes on I see my plate is to full and at the end, very little gets done.

I want to do too much at one time. I have always been like that. I love photography (and editing photos), I’m learning a new language, I read 3-5 books at a time, I attempt to write music every day, coach my son’s T-ball team, update my website and social networking sites, focus on eating a plant-based/vegan diet, get a work out in, watch movies, play video games, focus on my career, learn my instruments…the list goes on and on.

But the thing is, I do not excel at any of these things.

It happens to a lot of people, we want to do too much, and become a jack-of-all-trades, masters of none.

There is so much available at our fingertips with many opportunities to experience what our hearts desire. But maybe there are too many baskets we are trying to fill, and the spirit and the muse are being spread way too thin.

There is nothing wrong with having many goals and aspirations; it is a necessity, its what keeps us moving forward. We need to be well rounded and experience life. But when we attempt to do everything all at once, at some point we may experience a burnout.

One of my favorite books, The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene, had the following passage and it stuck with me:

“Focus on your greater goal, your destiny – start with a clear, detailed, purposeful goal in mind, one rooted in reality. Contemplate them day in and day out. They will direct all your actions, large and small. Be bold. This is your life’s task, to inspire and guide you. Build a solid foundation to secure you.”

What is it right now that you want to accomplish? Finish your book, an album or EP, write a blog post every week, advance in your career, learn something new, or have closer relationships with the people you care about? The list can go on and on, but we can accomplish our goals much faster when we know what it is we want, work on them day in and day out, and direct our actions towards those goals. When we reach those goals, then we can move on to our other life goals.

Do this:

  1. Set your goal to finish or reach your goal by a specific date.
  2. Find someone to hold you accountable. If you do not finish by the specific date, make a deal that you will have to pay for not finishing (something that you do not like, or picking up the tab when you go out with friends – something that will motivate you).
  3. Pick a reward for yourself when you do reach your goal by the specific date you set for yourself (celebrate with friends, weekend getaway, eat at the restaurant you always wanted to eat at, a gift for yourself).
  4. Make sure you find at least 20 minutes a day to work towards your goal. If you can commit to 20 minutes a day, you will find more time and the momentum built will bring more ideas your way. You have to commit to do it.
  5. Wake up every morning, and remind yourself what it is that you’re striving for. Knowing is half the battle!
  6. Strive towards your goal with intensity and passion. Have a warrior mentality.

We can do all that our heart and spirit desires. But we can only do so much at once.

I wish you many blessings on your journey. Maybe one day our paths will cross again.

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. – Tony Robbins


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