It’s Been A While (Again)…

Sorry for the lack of posts and music…(who am I apologizing too?), but its the same old excuse/reason…I try to do to much and something always takes the back seat. Or maybe its I’m bored and I spend way to much time on social netowrking sites. I will tell you its a combonation of both. 

My mind is tired and frustrated. Fatherhood, spanish class, diet, photography, baseball (playing and coaching), instruments, guitar, getting a workout in, cooking my plant-based dishes, and being a family man. It can be done, I need to set the priorities again. 

I’ve cut back on my TV watching, whic has helped immensley, but…no more excuses. 

I am writing music but nothing is getting finished. 

How can he do it? How can he do it?


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