Dodgers vs. Mets NLCS Game 1

Well last night was a tough game to watch. Congrats to deGrom who pitched a gem – 75 fastballs, 73 of them were clocked at 95+. That’s impressive, most impressive.

Here are my thoughts on the game:
– I don’t care how great of a pitcher you are, walks will kill you, especially when you walk the bases loaded.
– Kershaw has to get rid of those 7th inning demons, you can see his nervousness in the 7th inning, his curveball isn’t the same and three walks. So un-Kershaw like.

– Even more un-Kershaw like: his ERA in the 7th inning of postseason games since 2013 – 42.49.

– If a team can’t score a run with a runner on second and no outs, you won’t win. Turner leads off with a double and Either strikes out. Teams need to play small ball to win games against great pitching. Move the runner over, let the next two guys drive him in. One run in the post season can silence a team.

– Dodgers were taking long swings against a 97mph fastball, nearly impossible to hit. Review Wright’s swing on 3-2 pitch against Baez’s 99 mph fastball – it was perfect, short and sweet. 

– I’ve been easy on Mattingy this season, he has a tough job, to many good players on his team to keep a consistent line-up, but why start Seager and have him batting 3rd, when he started the season in Double-A? There is no doubt he is going to be a superstar but having two World Series champions sitting on the bench, doesn’t make sense to me. Playoffs give players a new clean slate, and I would prefer to see Rollins starting at shortstop, he can make things happen with a bunt and a steal and he knows what it takes to win a championship.

– Not sure if bringing Baez in to pitch with the bases loaded was a smart choice – the first batters he faces out of the bull pen are hitting .320.

– Joc Pederson needs to sit, his swing is horrible right now. What is it with the Homerun Derby that causes players to get into slumps?

It falls on Greinke tonight…again.

Of course the line up for tonight has been rearranged. That’s been an issue all season for the Dodgers, without a consistent line-up, players cannot get used to their role. 

Here’s hoping to a productive game tonight.


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