Dodgers and Mets NLCS Game 2

Dodgers Win! Dodgers Win!
What an interesting game last night, to say the least. Lets get to the controversial part of the game as it is still being talked about and will be for years to come. 

I’ll start by stating this, as a baseball fan I didn’t like Utley’s slide, in fact I don’t like any slide that is meant to take out a defensive fielder. Unfortunaltey it is not against the rules and has been part of MLB for many years. It’s not the first slide in MLB history to take out a middle infielder. Until MLB changes the rules, those types of slides will continue to happen. This situation is being taken out of proportion because it is the playoffs.

A couple of weeks ago during the Pirates and Cubs game, Coughlin from the Cubs made a similiar type of slide that took out ROY candidate Kang. Kang was injured with the broken leg and torn ligament in his knee. But a lot of baseball people forgot about it and was not talked about at all.

I feel Utley was just playing hard-nosed baseball (he did spend his career with the Phillies) and in no way intented to hurt Tejada. Baserunners are taught to break up the double play going back to high school. There are many MLB players who have voiced their opinion on Utley’s slide, and they are on both sides of the fence.

I do believe Joe Torre should punish Utley ASAP to show it won’t be tolerated but more so to prevent anyone else from being hurt from retaliation, which is expected due to an unwritten rule in baseball (which is one of the stupidest things in the game – it has gotten way out of hand). I would hate to see a young rookie getting hurt and having his career ruined which hasn’t even started yet. 

Yes the Met’s are angry and want revenge, but the best revenge is winning and sending the Dodger’s home for the year. Not hurting another player for retaliation. Let’s hope for the series to remain clean and competitive.

A few observations of the game:

– Two homeruns off Grienke! In the same inning! Yea I almost wanted to turn the TV off and move on with my life. 

– Dodger’s scored with a runner on second and no outs! Great adjustment from Eithier.

– Eithier – great hit and driving in the first run, but horrible base running. Running to third on a ground ball to the pitcher with less than two outs? This is the playoffs not little league, never make the first and third out at third base, we learn that by high school. Playoff teams do not make base running mistakes.

– I think Kike Hernandez solidified himself as the Dodger’s starting centerfielder. 

– Being in New York and the Met’s wanting blood, its time to start Rollins at short. Rollins will know how to handle the pressure and how to protect himself. 

– Watching Gonzo hit was frustrating with having three strikeouts. But wow, what an adjustment in his fourth at-bat to drive in two runs – such a professional hitter.

– I thought Grienke hit a HR in his last at-bat, he has such a great bat flip, one of the best in MLB.

– Hatcher is great out of the pen, finally a reliever other than Jansen to have confidence in.

– Crawford has been taking horrible swings, just as bad as Pederson. Who can replace him?

– The Mets are better hitters than I expected. That HR by Conforto was jaw-dropping. Out of the park in 3.5 secs. Whoa…

– I miss Vin.

I’ll say it again, lets hope for a clean and competitive game tomorrow. 

(Yes he did go for the bag.)


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