Dodgers and Mets Game 5

Dodgers won the West, but it was still a disappointing season. I really thought after scoring two runs in the first inning with five great at-bats the Dodgers reached a hot streak and were going to dominate any team that came into their path.

They proved me wrong the next inning when they couldn’t score a runner in scoring position with no outs. They did that the next two innings as well. They had all the opportunities to bust the lead wide open but failed miserably. Championship teams will always find a way…

My hats off to the Mets who were clearly the better team in the last five games.

– Mattingly is gone, but he’ll probably have a job next year. He still makes some weird moves but he knows how to handle the egos of the team. Plus he reached the post season three years in a row.

– I would love to know exactly what Ethier and Mattingly were arguing about. When a players/coaches start to argue in the dugout for the baseball world to see that’s never a good sign. I expect Ethier to be gone from the team next year too.

– Mark McGuire will be fired too. The Dodgers batted .233 with runners in scoring position the second half of the season. Most didn’t have a game plan, and it appeared many were trying to come with the big hit instead of putting a good swing on the ball. McGuire can hit the ball a ton, but he never hit for average, and Pederson wasn’t able to turn it around and lost the ROY. See ball hit ball is the number 1 rule of hitting but you still need good short swings with a plan of attack for each situation.

– I hope Grienke will come back but I’m not sure what his plan is. He may wait to see the players the Dodgers lose and gain during the off-season.

– Why Grandel was in the line-up is a mystery to me. Four hits in his last 94 at-bats, and a shoulder that requires surgery. What is it with Mattingly that he loves having injured players in the line-up?

– Murphy (Met’s 2nd baseman) had three home runs in five games off the games two best pitchers. The real slap in the face was the heads up play he had when he stole third on Duda’s walk and no one was covering. He later scored. Seriously? No one covering?

– Can the Dodgers hit a sac fly…one time?!?!

– I never liked the Dodgers trading away Dee Gordon, he lead the NL in hits, batting average, and stolen bases. The ideal lead off hitter the Dodgers needed this year. Who did we get for him again?

Here’s to next year!

(All the best to the Mets, but GO CUBS!)


  1. I think it’s the front office’s fault. I wrote about the stupid moves the franchise has made over the past year since bringing in Friedman and Zaidi.

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