She Knows My Name

The wind blows and I’m looking out the window, she knows my name.

I wonder how it all came to be I wonder how it will end, in a time capsule or in a vacant wasteland.

I see the wind blow and wonder where it goes. I would like to follow, see where I land, who I am, maybe one day when I can, she calls my name.

Sit there let me speak, I have the words you seek.

You know because I know, you feel because I feel, you have been there before me and you never left.

You’ve been waiting, in suspense, knowing someday, the circle would be complete – You know my name.

I never left, I’ve been here waiting on the other side, the side you fear, crossing your boundary, your borders, your faith, only what you’re willing to know.

It’s time, time to move, always move, you and me, not them, leave them to be.

You never were with me, how much you don’t know, on the surface of things what a palace this could bring.

The wind blows and I know, I see, I feel, alive in their world, I breathe, automatic then with purpose.

Look this way – You know my name.


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