Unfinished Melody

Nothing sacred
Available for all to take
To many questions, unfulfilled answers
I found an escape, but down a dark path
If you only knew,
Maybe then you would seek change
What matters to us most goes right through you like a ghost
And you don’t want to see it
As it’s unbelievable to your eyes
Attention seeking
What my soul is wanting, needing
But to take a stand would be to face your fears
Fears that fill the empty spaces
You want perfection but at what cost?
The cost of sterilization, manifestation
Paralyzed, your mind stuck
Afraid to move forward
Forward to what’s new and undiscovered
Yet we are both lost to our stubborn ways
Unwilling to budge
Like our mother and father, brothers and sisters
You want the past to fulfill the present
A gift you fear to give
Free yourself and the ones who want to be close
To you
You hide behind the desktop
Searching for inspiration
Through other’s exaggerations
While we wait for maturation
Go on, go out, go play
We will wait
Until you see and feel free
We are the air you breathe
Put us on your pedestal instead of the false connections you keep



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