What You Lost Is What You Hold On To

As ever-after constantly changes
Never ending circus riding carousel
What is held to close we lose so easily
Pushes away forever fleeting
I know your strength, more than anyone else
I held you close, more than anyone else
But what you fear to believe
Keeps you stronger, keeps you in control
A starring role – the serpent grew a spine
When life fails to follow your fairy tale path
You run to where the crows sing you praise
And now you feel protected.

You curse the one that broke you, made you stronger and selfish,
Once crushed forever jaded
Shifting with every color, rear-view mirror reflections
You’ve lost the starlight in your eyes
Your hope and innocence spent in a moment
Now a fire burns through your veins

But let us remember, nothing ever remains
This dream we live is only illusion
We are characters in each other’s story passing by
Who was I supposed to be?
We should hope to never meet again, in this life or the next
Catastrophic and dramatic
What we failed to realize is the chaos creation
Our illusions met on a crash course, intertwined, and tangled;
Lost as fools
and we knew it, didn’t we?

We’re still finding our way back
Things don’t look or feel the same, we’ve grown older, wiser, distant, self-aware
Time will heal our open and secret wounds
I bid this time farewell to all,
To all that was and to all that could never be
Believe what you will to make it easy
Blame me, I could have been stronger
I could have laughed and walked away
I could have asked better questions
But I believed in you,
But now, I don’t know, and now is all I have.


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