Pulsing Interpretations

You love me the only way you can
The only way you understand
Pulsing interpretations
More than you were hoping for
Can you fight for our love?
Can you fight for what you believe in?
This love that you’re afraid of
A misguided soul with a wandering heart has so much to prove
When something is gained something must be lost
When are you willing to break away?

All I wanted was a friend
Someone to call my own
A lover to desire me every second
I thought I would convince you
I want to be the one to forever complete you
Your empty promises are my broken dreams
Timed hellos lyrical notes
Deserted birthdays separate floors

Then again, maybe it’s me
I’m not a strong man
Selfish with a heart of gold
I’ve got my own guilty pleasures
Running wild in my head
Like a butterfly
Every breath has the power to create or consume
There’s been a lot of moves a lot of lies
We’ll let God decide if this lives or dies

So now,
Kiss me til your mouth runs dry
I caught a glimpse
Of your lost innocence
I finally found you
Felt the cures that fill your vacant time
And what’s gone is gone
But preserved in my mind
I can never know as I could never ask
Perhaps you’ve forgotten
As your truths are based on your beliefs
I came to you anonymously
A new breed
Am I the one?
Or am I merely filling an empty space?


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