Lost In Transition

When you’re out and about
With our souls prepared to defend for themselves
Hiding your darkest secrets, the cause of your pain
Your haunted laugh when you’ve lost the words to say
No one knows
You’re a talent at keeping it close
And still I wonder how this will evolve
Destroyed by blind ambition
Your childhood illusion
You’ve no idea how I keep it inside
Raw tongue blanket white
But still I keep hope
Out of love, out of fear
And I understand that whatever comes
Is to let go and be here
Right where I stand
I’ll have my time to cry, sing and laugh
Wonder, question and ask
At this moment
As I’m lost in transition
I count every second, every minute, every hour.
Suffering through lack of patience losing my power…
It’s taken over me
These memories fade
Yet these feelings won’t change
Deep rooted swallowed whole
You act like it’s nothing
Lost in the void of your secret world
You refuse to hear the song that remains.


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