Always An Inspiration

Always an inspiration
Your way with words, your smile, your dress
For the first time
I’m mesmerized
There’s something about you
Lures me in and makes me want to crawl, rise before the sun to share my light
Means so much to me
I do you no harm
Wish you freedom to be yourself
With me or without me,
Only you can say and act upon it

When you say yes – I will follow
When you say no – I will support you
In this age no need to justify
Tell me when, how, where – no questions why
I have something to believe in
Make me this man, a man I can be proud of
In my nightmares, in my visions, this hero will rise.

Always an inspiration
Forever we are a lasting memory
When the time has come
I’ll let you be
Because its you who taught me to let go
Hold me, feel me flutter
The same, back to the beginning
And everything that’s new as we reach out to the unknown
I hear melodies, unwritten songs
You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.


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