There’s A Peace, A Calmness

There’s a peace, a calmness
That comes to you, fills your soul, knowing what you need to do
Knowing who you are, who your going to be, who you are becoming
Knowing what must be accomplished
Beyond hope, surpassing belief
Every movement has full intention
You become your own messiah
Renounce (for love, a selfless savior)
You look in the mirror and recognize who's staring back at you
From a distance, up close and personal
Every color is vivid, deeper than before
Beautiful, voiceless
The feeling explodes inside and bursts through the skin, the eyes, lips…
Finding reason behind every mistake, for every lost love
Forgiving the agony of truth we hold on to
Sacrifice, true love, pure bliss
Whatever label they want to give it
As only we understand
A connection with no terms
A oneness with letting go
Every breath is a precious moment
A moment forsaken
To that place we remember and been reaching for, fully protected, beating strongly,
Our place and time
Now is the time
Now I am ready


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