Living in constant memories. Should have been something.
Punishing myself for things I never knew. My reputation is…
I had to move out, I should have moved on.
I want to feel good, the right way. About myself, my choices and who I am.
I have held myself back, the only way to remain in control.
Constant repetition, fighting time, trying to beat it, it’s a game of strategy I cannot figure out.
It’s a loss I still struggle.
Patience is peace.

We are somewhere, but not here.
Where are you? Where have you been?
You think and minutes flash.
This is now, step down and move.
Trash it all, the light is somewhere inside you.
Don’t let it drain you.
You need yourself. Give in and redeem yourself.
You have it all.
It only matters to you.
Move motherfucker move. Let’s dance, rock and roll.
Rise to the occasion, down is the new up.

You know who I am before I was, before I accepted it.

Many hats you wear.
Take away the options, there is no other way.
Stop fighting me, stop fighting it. It’s time to let go, explode, no…implode.
Is this what you always wanted?
How long has it been?
I’m having fun with you, as you allow me to.

If I say I love you, what would you do?

I’ll pursue it and become tired.
Too many steps to take, uninvited.
We are all going mad here.
There is too much that surrounds.
Separate yourself, what is it you see, feel?
Where does your blood rush to?
That’s where you are. There the rest needs to be, give in.
Trust. I will lead if you let me.
Slow down…slow down…slow down.
Take it all in.

New output and new vision.
Nothing to prove here, please, nothing to prove.
I got you, follow through.

I love you, now take a bow.


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